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eMarketing & SEO


To increase traffic to your web pages we use eMarketing tools, which are mainly:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • PPC (pay per click)
  • SEM (search engine marketing)


SEO - Search engine optimization

This tool provides placement web site for top positions in search engines such as. Google, Yahoo, etc. When a user enters keywords by which would like to find exactly what he looking for. In essence, the issue is to find your site as many visitors who do not know your website address and are addicted to locate a specific product or service.

SEO is divided into:

  • ONPAGE optimization
    • the appropriate title, meta, headers, structure, semantic, appropriate content
    • the solution for all language versions
    • the accessibility and usability, compatibility with browsers
  • OFFPAGE optimalizácia
    • PPC advertising campaigns (Pay Per Click)
    • registration into the largest catalogs
    • link building on the relevant websites (on the theme site)
    • the tracking of statistics, proposals for new keywords and indexing according to the evolution of the Internet, visitors monthly reports


PPC - Pay per click

One of the tools that help to increase visitors to your site are paid advertising on search (PPC), where the name suggests, that the price paid for ad clicks on it.


SEM - Search engine marketing

Set of marketing activities on the Internet, through which it is possible to improve visibility in search results pages (SERP) using SEO techniques, PPC and contextual advertising.


Comprehensive administration

SEO is a long process that can not be accelerated nor ensured top spot in search engines. But increasing numbers of visitors and if the site will be regularly updated with unique text then keep them on.

We offer you a complete administration of the activities and the selected intervals to provide you with a complete analysis of behavior of visitors to your web site, we will suggest an optimal and unique solution.

Create and manage PPC campaigns in Google AdWords system is governed by the following rules:

  • client is from the beginning (of creation) owners advertising account and has access to it at any time
  • campaign is usually targeted to 100-200 keywords
  • monthly are sent a detailed performance statistics, current prices and conversion ratios for individual keywords

price list of SEO services

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